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Pokémon(c) App and Driving

Yeah, I heard on the evening news about the new @Pokémon app everyone is downloading for their cell phones. It evidently is a mixed virtual reality app, and to get more points and levels, users are directed via their GPS to find locations and the cell phone camera shows Pokémon monsters as an overlay on the cell phone screen. Sounds really cool, right. Well on my way to work, I saw someone driving with their cell phone held up at their steering wheel level running the app to see if they could find the monsters while driving. Be safe! Also, I hear they sent out an update to scale back the application's permissions to user cell information. Good move since lots of kids are using the app a


You ever frustrated with coming up with a password no one could ever guess. (Don't use your dog's name.) I thought about how cool it would be to play a piano song on my PC keyboard and have 20+ notes that become my password. Something I could recall but is complex and non-sense that could not be cracked. Maybe a song for each different web site you need to login into? How about some words from your favorite poem that the web site reminds you of... The sky is the limit. Just watch some sites only allow 15 length password. passwords.

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